The Butrint Management Foundation was established under the Law on Cultural Heritage and Museums, 2018, and based on the Cooperation Agreement dated 24.02.2021 between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania and the Albanian-American Development Foundation.

The legal form of the Butrint Management Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization without membership, in the form of a “Foundation”, specialized in the field of cultural heritage and established by the contributions of its founders.

The Foundation’s scope of activity encompasses the following:

  • Efficient administration according to the model that best suits the purpose of protection and development of the Cultural Property;

  • Management of human, financial and intellectual resources with the purpose of better administration of Cultural Property;

  • Activities of preservation, protection, conservation, valorization of the Cultural Property;

  • Carrying out social-cultural activities in order to promote the Cultural Property, local traditions and culture and beyond;

  • Archaeological research and discovery in function of the Cultural Property and beyond;

  • Scientific research, conferences, seminars in the field of research, archeology or cultural heritage;

  • Organization of training courses, seminars, grant of scholarships, discussions, conferences and educational activities in order to increase human capacities for the development of the Cultural Property;

  • Cooperation with similar institutions, in Albania and abroad, in order to improve efficiency in the activities of the Foundation;

  • Publications of printed materials and distribution of electronic editions;

  • Fundraising activities for the preservation and development of the Cultural Property, as well as for the development of human, intellectual and financial resources of the Foundation;

  • Support and participation in the development of legal initiatives in the field of cultural heritage;

  • Support and participation in the development of local initiatives for the development of the area;

  • Organization and/or participation in various activities at regional, national and international level in order to promote the Cultural Property in particular and cultural heritage in general;

  • Economic, touristic and social activities in order to develop the Foundation’s capacities, carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Albanian legislation in force.